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Help with Roman Army for Atomic Age (Not Heavy Tank Based)

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  • Help with Roman Army for Atomic Age (Not Heavy Tank Based)

    I have hit a wall trying to crack late Atomic Age bases both in regular PvP and Wars. I'm wondering if anyone has found any good Roman army combinations/strategies that do not rely on heavy tanks?

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    From what I've seen, the key to Atomic bases is Uni upgrades, strike fighter planes and their correct usage, and Tactical Helicopters to replace healers so you can ignore sniper towers.

    As far as army loadout goes, you can go with the tried and true field howitzer heavy army with mercs to serve as heavies. I've also seen people including 7-8 bazookas to kill walls quickly along with shooters and howies.


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      That is more or less exactly my army with the addition of 1-3 APCs. I find it works great until I start facing bases around lv220 or higher. Then I just get bogged down in wave after wave of tanks spawning as fast as I can kill them etc...


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        Heavy tanks are really the only option for tough bases if you are not British.


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          Depends on the base. Heavily compartmentalised bases will keep the HTs bogged down.
          Koreans also pack a punch for tough bases.

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        Yes. Resist the HT. First question you get when you tell someone you are roman or german... -_-
        I am nomadic.


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          It's true. I'm also playing as Roman and my combo is fine till early Atomic opponents who has not upgraded full wall to max level. AT 220+ with wall 14 &15, Roman troop combo is easily broken by pieces. Except 15 extra troops (1 more APC/ 15 shooters/ 1 additional tank), nothing is impressive with Roman.