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Gunpowder Age base suggestions?

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  • Gunpowder Age base suggestions?

    Some days ago, I maxed out everything in Medieval age and moved onto the next age. I don't know where to start on renovating with my buildings because there are several ones expected to go out. I don't know where to start? Suggestions please?
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    It's very much the same no matter what age you move to.
    1. Barracks, Armory (troops you actually use), Mills. (if you have Notre Dame you might not need to max all your Mills)
    2. Library, Stable/Garrisons (to get your defenders upgraded), towers/mortars. (at your discretion)
    3. In no particular order after that: Academy, Uni, Merc camp, other defences (at your discretion)

    Enjoy your time in Gunpowder. I maxed it out quite easily, including lvl 9 walls, before moving to EA. Have fun!

    ps: the dock is really good in gunpowder. You can get lots of cheap cards while you raid. These always come in handy for those hard bases, so don't neglect your dock in Gunpowder.
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      There is no right answer. It all depends what kind of player you are? Do you attack a lot? What do you use when you attack? What wonders do you have.

      That said. It's pretty clear what the most valuable resource is which is people. So I would aim to get the extra house 1st.

      Being someone who attacks a lot I have a lot of resources. so I upgrade the the buildings which i can sink those resources into eg library/armoury without using any people.