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How does Experience Points Effect Game Play?

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  • How does Experience Points Effect Game Play?

    I'm level 142 IA and haven't upgraded roads, caravans or farms since early GP, intentionally keeping my EP low. The disadvantage has been some raiders only look at EP so I occasionally get raided by players who aren't paying attention. The advantage is that I'm underestimated in WW. Experience Points don't seem to effect MP match ups or WW ranking. What am I missing?
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    At level 142 you should be Global Age and have much better attack and defense capability in war!

    No, if you didn't upgrade road then you should be Atomic! Think about the lost opportunities that you can help your team better in war as an Atomic top attackers.
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      totally agree. A 142 IA is no match for 142 global who knows what to upgrade. Visa versa a 142 IA might find it hard to take down a 142 global.

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    At level 142 you are at just the right level. The more buildings you have attached to your roads that run to the TC, the higher the hitpoint bonus to the TC. Click on your TC and the ? to see this info.

    My players will not upgrade to global from IA until they hit the 170's usually. They will have updated everything imaginable and researched a whole lot in the university. There is a very good reason for this.


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      I am that kind of player also to max nearly everything. I still am too impatient to wait for the maxing of walls, generals, and university research.

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    Xp is a limiting factor on when you can upgrade to the next age. I have found i have to upgrade my roads so i can advance to the next age so my amoury is not idle.


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      XP affects your ranking in WW and it also can be an intimidation factor in MP and WW. If I see an lvl 142 GA I would attack. vs. a lvl 200 GP I would skip.


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        You need XP to go to the next ages. We just had the instant town center upgrade for each age, and to keep up people upgraded roads to level up.


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          War ranking is based on war strength which is some combinations of offensive and defensive upgrades. Things like university research doesnt add any experience points but it does effect war ranking though. Considering you havent done much road/ farm/caravan upgrading since GP, your actually level probably sits around 165. by now i would consider moving up to Global soon. Multi player is based on league ranking, plus whatever age you are in. It should be that if your industrial age then you can attack 1 age up and 1 age down from you. seeing a rushed enlightenment based at level 65 and a maxed global at 190+ ish is probably the range of bases youll must likely come across in MP