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World War FAQ: The War Map

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  • World War FAQ: The War Map

    What is the War Map?
    The War Map is where World Wars are fought. The map is broken up into Territories and is split between the opposing Alliances. Your Alliance controls the blue Territories and the enemy Alliance controls the red Territories.

    How are territories assigned?
    Participating Allies will be assigned Territories at random. Players can end up next to their allies, their enemies, or a mix of both.

    What are the buildings on the War Map?
    Players’ War Bases are represented on the War Map by a building token, which indicates their Age. By tapping a building token, you can view more information about that player, such as their completed attacks and how their War Base defended against enemy attacks. You can also donate troops, scout, or attack an opponent’s war base from this menu. The actions you can do will change depending on the current phase of the war.

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    I am not sure to really understand how the map works. Can you show us a picture? Can we attack anyone on the map?


    • polo1967
      polo1967 commented
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      You can attack anyone on the map. You can visit each base on the map to find the one that you feel you have the best chance at defeating. You can also attack someone that has already been attacked by one of your allies.

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    One of my alies had atacked a enemy base ones and earned 5 stars. After him I've also atacked the same base and earned nothing. Not even a 1 star. Is it normal?
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    • Visenya
      Visenya commented
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      A maximum of five stars can be earned on each base. If your ally had already earned them the only thing you could have gained by attacking it would be loot or a better attack time, since that's a thing now. Any stars you earned would have been just for fun.
      However, if you met the requirements to earn those stars and they didn't show up on the war roster, that's an issue for in-game customer service because that should not happen.