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World War FAQ: Matchmaking

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    "How is strength calculated in a World War?
    Strength is based on each member’s attacking power (Troops and Barracks upgrades, War Tactics and Generals) and defensive strength (defense buildings, walls, traps, and generals). Base layout does not affect this calculation. The only way a member’s strength can be increased is if they upgrade their troops, defenses, war tactics, or other contributing offensive and defensive capabilities."


    Since this purports to be true, and I have no reason to doubt the intent of it, then I propose there is an error in the foundational maths going into the calculations. I can see with the naked eye that a base with less land cleared, lower walls, lesser generals, embassy and alliance gate within my own alliance should not be ranked far above me in the war ranking for the matchups.

    I can see with the naked eye also, when the opposing team has more power than mine. Less just say that the fact they have a bunch of Space Age, Cold War and Atomic Age players is irrelevant, but only XP is. And pretend there is not a minimal development required to advance to CWA or Space Age.

    I can spy (with my little eye) when bases have max walls (both in number and level), a high number and quality of defenses. I can spy war opponents barracks troops. In idjit can tell when our top 3 are below their middle of the pack.

    I am very tired of having this *strength is based on....* gibberish spouted by CS. Will someone with eyeballs and a brain please look at the code? It's rot.


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      Strength above refers to matchmaking strength. The order of bases in wars seems to be based purely on defensive strength. When it says “defensive buildings ...” i believe that includes bonuses to these items from other sources like library and university. I also believe that the timing of crowning and upgrades just before and during matchmaking and on war day affects the “balance” ... perhaps strengths are calculated only weekly?
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    TinSoldier BHG_Muet Matchmaking was still off. I used to believe that there was a change made, as you guys promised us, but looking at our recent match, we 2 Space Age, 0 Cold War Age, 5 Atomic Age, 3 Industrial Age players in top 10 are against 6 Space Age, 3 Cold War and 1 Atomic Age players. Match was found less than an hour.
    How is it even called a war is absolutely nonsense. The enemy is an active alliance. We don't want to wait for 2 days just to waste our time for ridiculous wars.
    Need you to fix this. Or add forfeit button (even if it would cost me Crowns I'd use it), so our valuable time would not be wasted. And fix the algorithms, most importantly.

    Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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      Legendary war artifacts should also be included in the algorithms, it is just BS getting matched against big spending alliances with over the top museum stats. There is just no meaning at all to keep warring as it is now. Even a blind monkey would be able to 5-star high level bases if he spend his money setting his credit card on fire. Used to love this game but all P2W crap has killed most of the fun. And for gods sake fix the lag, its nearly unplayable.