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    Please review my Base Layouts. Been looking through the comments here and I've tried to pick up all the great ideas.
    Thank you all.


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      My Town is the strongest Lay out so far💪


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        Hey all, my base has served me well through IA. I just hit Atomic Age about two weeks ago, and my level is still really low. I need to upgrade my cannons/mortars quickly. Anyways, as I start going against Atomic players they all have crazy layouts and mine is outdated. Any that you would recommend? Also, could someone help me narrow down my current base weakness? Thanks!

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        • TLucas
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          I do not have an atomic age base, i'm still in Gunpowder age, so take my comment for what it is...

          First, why are all of your resources on the outside? I recommend using a pinwheel layout, put your oil in the center, surround that by your cannons, sniper towers and traps. Put your anti-tank guns and air defense guns between your cannons, in separate compartments. Make sure the anti-tank guns are one space towards the inside of your base from your cannons, so they are targeted last. There are plenty of videos on youtube to explain this.

        • _Flash_
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          His resource buildings are outside the walls because he seems to be playing in the Empire league (based on the screenshot above), where protecting the town center and giving out as few stars as possible when he's attacked is of utmost priority. He would be able to make a lot of resources through the league bonuses when he's playing in those leagues.
          Overall, a decently good layout, though some improvements can be done to take better advantage of Acropolis. The post is quite dated, and I'm quite sure the player would have progressed a lot by now, and would have redesigned the base after building the missile silo.

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        Also, I would move the catapult more towards the center so troops have to be inside the walls to be in the dead zone


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          I explained below each photo. But basicly in my opinion the weakes is Town 1, followed by town 2 and Town 3 should be the best in deffence. But As I tracked 1 week each, town 3 was the most attacked of them all. I would be glad if more experienced people share their thoughs and advices and opinions. Thanks in advance.