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Join A League, Get More Loot!

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  • Join A League, Get More Loot!

    After tirelessly cutting through the endless forests of massive foliage surrounding your mighty empire, you uncover a mysterious dock where an even more mysterious ship lies in wait for a captain -- that captain, being you. Welcome to DomiNations' Leagues!

    Joining a League

    In order to join a League, you must first prove yourself in battle! Joining a League rewards its champions with not only daily bonuses and rewards, but also bragging rights. There's no quick way to the top of the League, so everyone starts at the bottom (in Copper III) but once you've achieved a cumulative total of 400 Medals. The best way to win Medals is via triumphant offensive attacks via multiplayer and / or successfully defending your empire from enemy attacks.

    *Note: League assignments are automatically assigned, unlike Alliances that allow you to choose.

    Climbing the Leagues

    The various Leagues within DomiNations are as follows, listed from descending to ascending order. Note that within each League, there are 3 tiers to indicate your current standing.

    Attain 400 Medals to reach Copper
    Attain 800 Medals to reach Silver
    Attain 1400 Medals to reach Gold
    Attain 2000 Medals to reach Kingdom
    Attain 2600 Medals to reach Empire
    Attain 3200 Medals to reach Dynasty

    League Bonuses

    Being part of a League means lucrative daily bonuses. Keep in mind that bonuses are also tied to your current active League, which means the higher you climb, the better rewards. One can only imagine what treasures the Dynasty League holds for its champions.


    Pay close attention to the passage of Seasons within the Leagues menu -- daily bonuses offered to you within a particular season will indeed expire and you may end up missing something crucial that you had your eye on.

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    League regards are so pitiful. At 1000 medals I can get like 4 trade goods or 6k gold. What a joke! When upgrades are costing 3 to 5 million. Lol. No wonder there are so many hight lvl players raping all the notes at the bottom.


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      Not enough resource rewards.


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        Originally posted by JeromeTT View Post

        Not enough resource rewards.
        Spoken by a true poet


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          I get a lot of attacks from high level players that just deploy one troop and then surrender. I guess that is a true reflection of the value of the rewards on offer!


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            Yea the rewards are a complete joke. They really need to Atleast triple them for me to even consider it.


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              I am sure Nexon will increase this in near future.


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                The League Tier system is still kinda basic.

                I propose a plan in which revisions are made:

                First, they need to make League Tier to be more attractive per se:
                1. More Rewards, like what people are saying, it's not enough even with the recent update, its not enough at all.
                2. We need something more than medals, it's just medals, that's it. If we can somehow put cosmetics or even units (not TOO game-breaking but attractive enough) then perhaps it would gain more attention.
                3. DUELING versus league players within, as in the top 5 have a chance to fight against each other for the #1 spot which should have a really nice perk for each league.
                4. Perhaps make it so that the top 3 of each league every week would get certain amount of crowns? If not, then special troops (I have to emphasize the cosmetics purpose of this, as they can't be too OP).

                I'll edit more when I think some more stuff!


                • Whatwhat
                  Whatwhat commented
                  Editing a comment
                  What is the increase to the daily bonus? I haven't got the update yet? Basically they would need to put 3 zeros on the end of everything to make it worthwhile.

                • Andy
                  Andy commented
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                  I tend to agree with Whatwhat - if you want to reduce the numbers of players dropping medals to farm from lower levels the incentive needs to be WAY higher than even the increased limits. They are still poor compared to what you can get staying lower and attacking easier level players (ie. 100k easy hits) So it has to be at least 100k is my opinion, then upward from there.

                  The dueling and leaderboard ideas are also excellent - people really like those. Also it's been suggested a loot penalty for raiding lower players.

                  I also think that raiding 2 levels below is not fair. Should be one level below, and 2 above.

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                Is there a down side to being in a league, or are we just saying actively pursuing higher leagues is not worth the trouble? I just went over 400 and it popped up, I accepted. Is there a way out?


                • Andy
                  Andy commented
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                  You don't have to worry about it, if you drop medals below 400 you just drop out of the bottom league.

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                Half the time I forget about the boat because I only get like 3k resource from it. Like why even bother? This is one of the reasons my town center is sitting defenseless outside my walls. Besides high scores there is literally no point in getting medals
                Last edited by Link5549; 04-18-2015, 09:51 AM.


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                  the boat is useless..... looting someone else's land still far better.
                  anyway I have questions, once we reach higher league ...will our enemies is getting stronger... then what will happen if we deduct our medals in purpose to get better loot with weaker enemies ?



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                    So now I'm in a league how do i attack other cities? The dock is shut until the boat comes back...


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                      What I am doing is the old classic, farm and drop, I will search through bases until their is a decent amount of resources to be stolen, drop some horse raiders and bows, get most of the resources then surrender. It's been working so far. Lol


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                        So I "joined" a league (more like fell into a league accidentally when my medals popped above 400) and it was the worst thing ever.
                        I was constantly raided and losing resources like crazy, only to get what - 3000 loot in return per day? Pittance!

                        I changed my strategy and dropped out of the league to 300 medals and am able to defend everything, and also raid plenty
                        of easy bases for over 5000 loot EACH, 50000 loot total within the hour.

                        So what's the big hoo ha over joining a league?
                        The way the game is structured, it's the worst thing to do!
                        Join A League, Get Less Loot!


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                          How do we join the league? My medals keep the same counts for days. How are they earned exactly?