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Defeat Your Enemies from Within with Betrayal!

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  • Defeat Your Enemies from Within with Betrayal!

    An exciting new tactic has been added to your War Academy -- Betrayal! Betrayal may be the most insidious War Tactic yet. Use this tactic during multiplayer battles to convert enemy units to your side! Here're more information on this War Tactic:

    - Convert enemy units to your side
    - Cavalry are prioritized. Very useful when dealing with Horsemen!
    - Generals will never betray their leader.
    - Betrayed units deal less damage and have less HP. This penalty can be reduced by upgrading Betrayal.

    Unlock Betrayal by upgrading your War Academy to Level 5 now!

    Download the latest version of DomiNatons to gain access to Betrayal now!
    App Store:
    Google Play:

    Click image for larger version

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    It doesn't seem very useful to me, as once they betray, they are easily killed. So they might add a second of distraction to the enemy. Not useful at all imo.


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      The usefulness of Betrayal increases as you upgrade the tactic.
      It's extremely useful in dealing with heavy tanks on defense (spawned from bunkers). It works quite well against the initial wave of tanks from the forest too, if there are towers/air defense in the vicinity, and so the planes can't be used against them.
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        Originally posted by Zen Whisper View Post
        It doesn't seem very useful to me, as once they betray, they are easily killed. So they might add a second of distraction to the enemy. Not useful at all imo.
        I agree with Flash. For example, if a MK3 Tank spawns you don't have to betray it right away. WIth a bit of patience, you can wait until it approaches your troops. If you THEN betray it, not only do you gain the tank but also your healing units will heal it.

        There are other tactics which work amazingly well. For example, while the tank belongs to your opponent, it can freely move through gates. Often the Oil Refinery is in the center of the base. You can often easily manipulate the MK tank into the compartment with oil, then betray it, then rally on the oil refinery. The result? You used one tactic and destroyed the oil refinery. It works well and is MUCH better than those who use 4-5 demolition tactics only to walk away with part of the oil.
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          You can nab a Mk3 spawning out of destroyed factories too.

          Betrayal is one of the best tactics out there once it's upgraded to global spec.

          Can deal with TC artillery too in an emergency.


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            So what happens when they return home? or do they leave when the battle ends.


            • _Flash_
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              The betrayed troop will be lost just like any mercenary troop that has been deployed into battle, if the betrayed troop manages to survive till the end of the battle.

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            Ok that kinda make since.