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Every Building Under Construction At Once?

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  • Every Building Under Construction At Once?

    Recently when attacking other players through the battle button - multiplayer find opponent, I've run across several players with literally 30-40 buildings seemingly under construction at the same time. Which would seem impossible without far more population than they should have.

    How is this possible or is this some cheat I've run across?

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    There is some debate as to whether these are cheaters or are bases that have been rolled back because of cheating. I suspect it's the former. And yes, there are quite a few of them.....


    • duckfromhell
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      It is cheating....we have had a guy entering our alliance telling us he was using a simple script in order to be able to upgrade all in once...ofcourse we kicked and reported him, but its a script (easily to be found on the internet btw)...

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    Make sure to save the code in their name or alliance name so we can start making a log of cheat code.
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