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    I am new to this game and having trouble knowing how to attack in multiplayer games. How to control my troops? I can press the left-hand attack key to focus the troops on one target, but then cannot change the target until it refreshes in 20 seconds or so. Meanwhile my troops are getting slaughtered by a catapult or stronghold. It seems when I am getting attacked the opponent can choose multiple targets. What am I missing?

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    You're not missing anything. Your troops will attack multiple targets as long as you don't use 'rally'. Archers will attack defending troops, heavy cavalry will attack defensive buildings and raiders will attack resource buildings etc. You should only use rally when you want to tackle one particularly bothersome building, like the stronghold or catapult tower. Apart from that you have very little control over your troops once you've dropped them. The key is to work out the best place to drop them so they can cause the maximum damage in the shortest possible time without getting wiped out


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      As Rogue Squirrel so correctly said, you do not have much control over troop actions except to rally them once every 30 seconds or so. Certain troops tend to target certain buildings.

      But you can control your War Tactics to help your troops. This ia a building that will be available as you advance in the game and it will give you things like Demolition (dynamite) that lets you blow up things and Barrage that lets you send arrows at the enemy troops in a limited area.

      Keep playing! Each level has new abilities and surprises. Take the time to build up the important buildings before going to the next level