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  • Help planning stream/YT series

    My viewers have asked for some content on this game and I generally like MMOs, but have never made content for one.

    I would like to ask how fast can you get to each age?
    I have read things were you can do it under 21 days and where it takes 6 months...
    If i really went for it what is the time schedule there?

    And are there issues with publishing content of the game online?

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    Howdy Braden Gilbert, and welcome to DomiNations!

    We are always excited to see they type of videos are put out featuring the game. Most streams focus on building up through the first few Ages, and then shift towards the strategy end of PvP combat trading tricks, tips, and observations about how new releases can fit into the existing mechanics.

    We wish you the best of luck! Don't hesitate to reach out if there's any more questions I can help answer.
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      industrial/global age, which is somewhere in the middle, can be reached within 1 year of playing but can be done much faster if you play daily and rush a bit.
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