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  • Cheater! Right!?

    Hi all,

    new player here! I'm at the end or Iron age.

    I just fought a guy, lvl 15 iron ager, who pulled out a Howizer from his City Center upon my attack! WTF! He two-shot my heavy horsemen. So, having spent 20min just to find the name, Howizer, it's a Global Era unit having a ball in iron age. Alliance troops donated are somehow scaled down, right? Do they even emerge from the City center? CC defense comes from Blacksmith level, right? which in his case was normal lvl3...

    I enjoyed the game, but is cheating spread a lot in the game? Am I missing something?

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    Actually, this is working as intended. Troops donated to you by your alliance spawn at the Town Center and retain their age, level and all upgrades/researches. If you manage to kill them, the defending player will lose them and need to request another donation.

    You got the short end of the stick, but thankfully this doesnt happen too often in Multiplayer. Usually you will only see it in war.

    The good news is, you can join an alliance and do the same thing to other players!


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      Also, to clarify: the Town Center also spawns it’s own melee infantry on every defense. The level of these infantry matches the level of your most upgraded Garrison. It has nothing to do with your armory upgrades.

      similarly, the level of your forest defenders (researched at the library), matches the level of your most upgraded stables.

      Feel free to join my alliance, Bloodnbone. We’re happy to give more tips and fill you up with troops to destroy your enemies


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        Thanks for the clarification!

        Weird solution for the game, imo, but ok.

        Yeah, Im gonna find an alliance soon enough, just gonna work myself upp to 400 medals since that seem like a usual requirement. Meeting Howizers in Iron era did not help my medal score :-D