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A Place For Beginners and the Experienced Player

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  • A Place For Beginners and the Experienced Player

    War Allies is a new alliance of Safyr and WarLord who have headed up a winning alliance in the past. We have plans for a new alliance that is newbie friendly, warrior strong, conducts back to back wars and generally has a good time. We need team players verses lone rangers. If you decide to check us out, please say hello upon entering. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a great alliance. War Allies, do an alliance search and you will find us there.
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    We promise to give lots of help to new players. All we ask is that you be a team player in return. See you at War Allies


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      War Allies is ready to start war with you as part of our team. We have a lot of resources to share and experienced leaders who like to help new players. Build your alliance gate. Type in the search window, War Alliesand then JOIN WAR ALLIES. See you there


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        We have 5-10 people needing to jump ship from an inactive clan that's also level 7 Bearded*******s.