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  • Looking for active alliance

    Just a newbie here - started playing the last week or 2 - I'm a level 23 in Iron Age about to be classical age - looking to learn and get advice, strategy, etc.

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    Started playing 3.5 months ago. These would be the most basic advice I can give you.
    1. Use multiplayer to attack for resources. DO NOT make the mistake I made by concentrating on self farming. You will cut your progression time by as much as 60-75% upto mid medieval. You need some farm/caravan upgrades though.
    2. Upgrade barracks, smith (armory) first. Then other stuffs such as library researches etc.
    3. DO NOT RUSH into the next age. Maximise your offense/defense first.
    4. PLAN your workers time so you do not get too much idle workers.


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      MnMan Welcome to the forum's is a great place to find out information and get advice on the game, nice to see new users making use of it.


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        Welcome to DomiNations, if you do join an Alliance, you can always leave, and join another until you find the right fit. *smiles*

        When it comes to building & protecting your Town...protect either your Town Center OR your Resources, as it is very difficult to try and protect BOTH.

        If your Town Center, then:
        1) Put Your Town Center behind a wall
        2) Put Your Defenses behind individual walls. The more wall compartments, the tougher to get to your defenses, the more time is eatten off of the battle clock, the more time it takes an enemy to attack, the less likely the Enemy will succeed before your defense defeat them!

        If your Resources, then:
        1) Surround your resources with defenses (pretty useless at the lower ages)
        2) Set Traps to Defeat/Take down as many Enemy troops as you can, let the traps work for you.
        3) Ambush seems like it would be useless, but if well placed, invading troops will attack & need to deal with your ambush before they can advance, again, earing time on the battle clock works in your favor!

        GENERAL TIPs:

        For lower ages, you are better off using LOTS of Resource raiders (not troops but the raiders that score big against buildings & resources, so what if they get slaughtered, the name of the game is LOOT Gold & Food!) and attacking other players! You have little to nothing to lose & gain so much!!

        For World Wonders, The Colosseum is BEST! (Because of the 'fury' feature) You can change it during a later Age when it better suits you for a fee (that seems big to you now, but isn't a big deal later)


        Welcome to DomiNations!

        Hope to see you around & of course, you're welcome to come & join my Alliance. It's new so I/we haven't enough players to make World War yet, but, I'd be happy to help you aa you learn & grow. *smiles*

        Carrigana, Leader
        USA GulfCoast (a New Alliance)
        Southern USA Alliance

        Come On Down & Check Out Our Alliance!!
        Recruiting Status: ACTIVE = Currently Seeking New/Low Level Players
        Note: Players of ALL Levels are always WELCOME!
        Ya Never know, You may even learn something interesting! 😉 and/or Like Us All Enough to Stay!! 😃👍🏼..However, if You do Go, then "No Harm, No Foul!!"...and Remember, You can Always Come Back!!.. *Winks* *Smiles*

        Be Active, Be Kind, Be Courteous & Have FUN !!

        SOUTHERN USA ALLIANCE ...*WOOT!-*WOOT!*, and then some!..*laughs*


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          We love active players..join ALPHA OUTLAWS


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            we are an active alliance. come and join us over at Elite Rebels 2, have fun, make friends and defeat our enemies


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              Hi there! Check out the alliance gate section on the forums as there are tons of cool alliances looking for new members.


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                Brexiteres is new clan looking for new players to grow and advance all we ask is to be active , we are a friendly bunch , regards Phil


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                  Hello MnMan. I'm John. I just made a new alliance. Used to be in a big alliance before and didn't like some thinks happened there. I have a plan for an alliance with more teamwork like a small Dominations familly. We are starting from scratch and fight to the top. If you want check out 'Team Tytans' ... looking forward to hear from you. Have a nice day.


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                    Nicole and Monk, wishing you the best of luck! You both are great people and will be fantastic alliance leaders!


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                      We are looking for new members, i cant get my alliance posted... (think i need to be approved by nexon on the forum?)
                      anyway we are "4CwC be heroes" and we are all active, we now have 10 members to start with, me and a few others played for over a year but we also have new people and accept them
                      explaining the game or guiding players throuhg things are no problem for us so if you like come check us out
                      4CwC be heroes
                      stands for 4 corners of the world be heroes
                      thanks and good luck!


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                        ActiveGamers 2 is new and full of empty spaces- 47 in fact, we are 2 global and a gunpowder age- if u want some tanks id be happy to give u some XD


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                          I have been part of 'revolutionaries' for nearly a year. We are an active alliance that tries hard and are always happy to help active players. We war constantly and give everyone a shot that wants to be involved. 8/10 win rate. If you are interested come check us out. Trentus Maximus-Revolutuionaries


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                            Welcome to the Nations! We are looking for some beginners to start Our empire. Come take a look at ChristianEmpire.
                            My best advice is, don't rush your base too much.


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                              we are looking for newbies in our alliance or more experience we only have 8 and need 10 to start a war please come and join Semper Fidfelis john is the leader as there is a few with that name