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-=(*) Experienced Players! What's your best advice for new members? (*)=-

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  • Christopher-Outlaws!!
    My Advice:

    1. Enjoy the age you're in! - focus on utilizing the troops you have, use them well, and understand you will never be X age again, so take your time and enjoy it!
    2. Engage the community, everyone I've met thus far is awesome!! - reddit, forums, youtube gaming, kamcord, facebook, everywhere I look!
    3. Don't be afraid to ask for help / advice! - Decisions like wonders, troop configs, order of upgrades, all change your gameplay! don't hesitate to put it out there before making these decisions!
    4. Have fun!! - it is a game after all! don't forget that, do silly stuff like an all wall breaker attack,

    Keep your sticks on the ice and have a good time!!


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  • ArizonaBay
    And don't be afraid to ask for help or to donate. I think that sometimes new players don't want to donate because they know their troops aren't too advanced yet. With a few exceptions, I think that most people are fine with receiving any troops unless it's during war.

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