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Minor Peace Treaties (especially regarding Empire league and/or Atomic Age+ players)

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  • Minor Peace Treaties (especially regarding Empire league and/or Atomic Age+ players)

    I believe the duration of minor peace treaties needs to be reviewed and modified accordingly. As is commonly known, most players in Empire league are basically after stars for the victory chest and as such, constant game play may not be needed as much as when in lower leagues when you have to farm heavily to get resources for upgrades etc. What happens is that most players in this level simply place their base near the outer rims of the layout giving prospective attackers a very tempting easy two stars and for them, they will get an 8 hour plus peace shield where they can retire away safely for 8 hours without worry of a full-scale attack by similar level players.

    I find this to be extremely unfair because as you know, with the advent of Space Age, we Atomic age players are at the mercy of three ages, Atomic, Cold War AND Space Age. Being attacked by TWO ages above you is already unfair as there is virtually no possible defense but to allow majority of high level Empire league players to be behind a peace shield and hence unavailable for selection to be attacked by others means that I am even more exposed; I have been attacked by the same player twice in the span of 2 or 3 days which has never happened and sadly to say, I have actually attacked one unfortunate player myself twice in the SAME DAY! I assume this is more because the game has insufficient players available to be attacked as everyone is behind a peace shield.

    The other consequence of players using this strategy to get an easy peace shield is that the revenge function becomes a moot point; players are NEVER available to be revenged as they are virtually constantly shielded.

    I would ask Tinman to forward this issue to the developers for review; to be honest, I don't think resolving this is hard and will actually promote more players to play the game in earnest. All you need to do is simply reduce the duration of these minor peace treaties gained from a battle that does less than 50% damage to something like 2 hours or less; I think that would open up more players to be available and lessen the burden on atomic age players and frankly i think this change would be beneficial to the game as a whole anyway.

    Thanks for your time.

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    i disagree with many of the points.

    empire league victory chests are not enough to rely on as your main source of income. you must keep farming, maybe even farm harder than lower leaguers because empire leaguers are more likely to desire earhart, rocket arsenal, max walls, etc than lower leaguers.

    how would you know if exposing the tc is a popular strat or not? you can’t see all the bases because of peace treaties so you can’t count the stats, you can only theorize. and well i theorize that if anything, empire leaguers expose their tc LESS than lower leaguers because empire leaguers value medals. like in dynasty 1 i dont expect the defending tc to be filled but in empire 1 i expect every tc to be filled. fully exposing your tc means you’re guaranteed to lose medals to weak attackers and also prevent you from ever getting a successful defense and thats not good.

    your get attacked by the same people because empire is a competitive league and there are less people that make it up there, not because a bigger portion of the populace is behind peace treaties. seeing the same people becomes even more frequent in dynasty where there are even less people than empire

    revenge function has never really worked for me outside of the ages and leagues where there are dead bases everywhere anyway

    and finally, if i’m someone who enjoys having 9 hour treaties and you reduce it to 2 hours, then i rearrange my base to go for easy 18 hour treaties
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    • dajtw
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      Thanks for reading and your comments, always hear views from a different perspective.

      While I agree empire league victory chests are not enough (I personally do a lot more farming in order obtain the resources needed) I still maintain from personal experience TC exposure is a popular strategy because

      1. 90% plus of the time, every single attacker I either review or revenge attack they are shielded and if you look at their base, their TC is exposed.
      2. There has been several YouTube videos I found where there was an individual who did a bit of a research into this and recommended the TC exposure strategy if you want to minimise medal loss which as you can imagine is one of the key elements at Empire stage
      3. More an assumption but still a possible consequence is majority of Empire league (no matter level) selections during multiplayer selection are all pretty high up with level 15 plus walls; my feeling is most of those who are slightly weaker have their TC exposed hence are constantly getting these free peace shields.

      I absolutely agree, I am not related to the game and I do not have actual game stats but from the past months I have been in Empire league, I have started seeing this; while I cannot say this applies across the board, I do think this applies to a large majority. As you say, this is my assumption, I have no substantial proof apart from the months of what I have seen in Empire league. I am sure if you were to check you will find the same; just try reviewing or revenging a number of your attackers to see (unless you are one of those level 300s who are pretty much untouchable by the majority anyway lol; bear in mind I am commenting based on a normal'ish player)

      As with everything you have different types of players; while you may have those ambitious types in Empire who are after as much medals as possible, they will most likely be above the 3200 medal range; for those below, I think these, like myself, are in Empire more for the victory chest bonus and I am sure there are quite a number; to get over 25k of oil for 15 victory stars can be very attractive. So for this group, stars are more important than medals. Again, I cannot comment on the number in this range, only BHG/Nexon can but I am sure this will not be a small group.

      As for losing medals, bear in mind, even if you are a high level, there will likely be someone who will be similar, albeit maybe fewer in number. To avoid this, high levels can simply expose their TC and lose a max of 2 stars (less medals) and then get 8, 9 hour of breathing space while they work during the day etc than risk having a similar high level attack and lose 5 stars (helluva lot of medals). Not many people can play this or any game 24 hours so having this quick free 8, 9 hour peace shield is most definitely a strategy that makes sense but unfortunately, as per my main concern, this has an impact on the game; if the majority of people do this, then it is obvious this will lead to the game having less attack availability hence the quicker recycling of players which is if you ask me unfair; if you were attacked by the same player twice within an hour, how would you feel? (have to admit I shamefully did this, I only attacked to steal resources but afterwards and clicking next, this unfortunate individual came up again).

      I don't agree the reduced number of selections is due to Empire league being competitive,while I cannot disprove that, the fact remains that most of my attackers since entering this league seems to have their TC exposed. This is the one fact that I can substantially say and even quantify if needs be from reviewing attackers and statistically counting them if Nexon requires such stats as proof in order to move this forward.

      In the end, I don't see any loss to the game or playability in reducing the minor peace treaty period, it only stands to gain and you will have more players being more actively engaged, which is never a bad thing for a game; no point having so many dormant players in massive multiplayer online game if you ask me. Of course, different leagues may actually be different but what I am referring to more on Empire league; I can't say for higher leagues as I haven't been there yet.

      Apologies for such a lengthy write-up, just got a bit carried away!

    • pckrn
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      dajtw no need to apologize for the length i also like to hear about other peoples experiences of this game

      and i am surprised to hear that you have actually checked the bases of people who attacked you and surprised again that you found 90% of them have their tc exposed. i have also been advising people to expose their tc but i never thought people were actually doing so. i thought it was more popular to make it seem as if the tc is exposed, but it’s really a trap to gain defensive wins. if tc exposure is really that popular then i dont know what to say.

    • dajtw
      dajtw commented
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      Yes, I have to admit I generally like to check up on my attackers because most of the time they will be a much higher level than me; I would not be looking to defeat them but more to go in and farm them It's when I entered the Empire league that I found that the majority of my attackers could not be revenged and on checking I find that its because their TC is exposed so my chances of getting my turn is pretty much zero lol That, plus how I started getting same targets started making me wonder if there is any relation.

      Anyway, I do understand why this is a viable strategy, I did actually use this strategy as well but being in the empire league and not exactly high enough a level tends to simply give people an easier means to five star me Thanks for your input!