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Difrent tank skins for difrent countryies

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  • Difrent tank skins for difrent countryies

    I should like to see that ever nation a difrent tank skin is they have it like germany the germans made a lot of tanks but in the game they have the standard skin so i like to see that every nation that made there own tank types get that skin its besicly like the buildings in asia and europe they are difrent so i should like to see it ingame and it makes the game bit historical good because why shouldfor an example a german nation use in global age an american tank if they have there own (oh and i am awear that the heavy tank of global age is a tiger h1 witch is german

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    That would be neat to see different tank skins and uniforms as well on the troops, I support this idea


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      one of the best and more constructive ideas I've ever guess other ideas....