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Bring back old expedition rewards option

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  • Bring back old expedition rewards option

    I don't care if it's been about a year now or longer, I forget exactly how long. But I want the old expedition rewards back. especially since I think I found a set of museum artifacts I'm just going to stick with and I don't want more supplies benefactors and researchers, I want stuff I can actually use, like National trade goods, or armies, or where blessings. Just bring the old ones back or give you the option to pick two of three rewards per expedition
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    just because YOU are ok with your museum, that doesnt mean everybody else is the same. The new revamped port is so much better than the old one. At last I am making some progress with supplies.
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      but if you’re at a point where you don’t need museum supplies anymore then you also don’t need any medic blessing or some 3 salts, etc. go 5-star some lvl 300 base to get those NTGs
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        Cryos don't cry expedition rewards are lot better than old one . Never send any expedition before the change . Only a bad attacker will need blessing, try to improve your skill . and pckrn suggested a good way for NTG .