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  • Longevity Rewards

    I'd like to see rewards for players who have been with the game for along time - more than a year, more than 2, etc. Maybe a reduction on building time? Opportunity to gain extra builders?

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    NokNokJoke hi there, being online since april 15 i've already started a post with the same above request, but frankly speaking I must tell you that it did not got many hits...


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      the game is full of longtime players and not enough new players. reward the new players not the long time players
      Victory Chest & League Boat Rewards

      Expedition General Bonus Rewards


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        Yea i am playing for avout 2 and a half year and i got no playing rewards


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          For the sake of discussion, I’ll consider this, even if it’s unrealistic. All it’d be is a little message every year giving you 100 crowns. I don’t believe this is worth the time with all the issues surrounding this game.


          • albynos
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            agree, but it is easier...daily increases every day you play straight, if you miss a day it will begin from scratch