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  • New dynamic troop tray

    I would like to see a dynamic troop tray for battles specifically for war battles.
    Once used troop type will go to last of tray or go away from screen . No need to see the generals after deployment.
    Also if we can set our own initial troop order , then that will be great.

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    I agree. It is not necessary to have it dynamic, it will probably be enough to put the troops in order of creation/selection. At least while showing you the troops before battle, it should allows you to distribute the armies in a specific order.


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      Yes! THIS! Been playing for years and this is the most frustrating part of battles. The moment comes for a sabotage tactic, where is it? Where is it? Where is it? Oh, it scrolled off the page! Oops, troops are dead, don't need it now.

      Ordering troops would be huge! Dynamically putting used/empty troop slots at the end/right/off screen would be great too.


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        Yeah I agree with you all. The point is that when I play on my iphone X the screen res allows you to see the full troops tray - almost. And this comes to one of the last post I've written about screen res King Crimson .
        It will be probably enough to have a better screen res on all other said it is unbelievable that new ipad air 2019 has the same res of Ipad 1, while the iphone x notch got the dedicated update.


        • King Crimson
          King Crimson commented
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          Thanks for including me but no need. I'm still using a samsung S5 which is still working as intended. There's something to be said for old school.
          I still think you might be angry with Apple and you're taking your frustrations out on Nexon.

        • bapia
          bapia commented
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          albynos , Please dont bring other topics here. you mix two things and none gets implemented .

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        it is clear that getting "two birds with one stone" does not belong to you. However let's keep things segregated so both will be resolved bapia ...LOL