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"Collect All" button for resources & Custom Troop Tray Layout

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  • "Collect All" button for resources & Custom Troop Tray Layout

    I often am annoyed at having to click on each farm, caravan and oil well to collect my resources. Was wondering if a "Collect All" button could be implemented at each of the Gold Market, Food Mill, and Oil Refinery much like there is a "Repair All" button for traps after they are triggered by attacking armies.

    On another note, I thought it would be cool if players had the option to customize their army and tactic deployment layout for battles/war. This way players could prioritize their layout to their specific playing style and allow for more efficient attacks as scrolling back and forth the current layout during battle gets obnoxious and hectic at times.
    ( For example, currently the rally button is first, then alliance troops, planes, barracks troops, factory troops, generals, mercs, and tactics. If there are many different troops and tactics used for battles, the layout becomes very long. It would be nice to put let's say Blitzkrieg first and then RPGs, Assault Rally, Heavy Tanks, planes, First Aid, mercs, alliance troops, embassy troops, generals, other tactics, other troops..... You get the idea)

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    They've already said they won't customize the tray.

    Originally posted by BHG_Muet View Post
    Just to set expectations: We can't quickly turn around a system that allows full customization for everyone or locking planes (I'd also be hesitant to lock planes due to considerations for SD devices that have full plane slots and the big red button). Major changes like those aren't being considered right now.