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Swipe left on the defense replays (please, please)

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  • Swipe left on the defense replays (please, please)

    Ok, it's gotta be said, I love Dom's defense replays.
    It's awesome to watch how guys attack my base, so I can improve my defenses.
    Move a tower here, add a trap there, that kind of thing.

    But some attacks I don't need to see again.
    I wish I could delete unwanted replays.
    Hey, maybe with a simple 'swipe left' over the unwanted replay, in the replay list?

    That way we could keep only the defense replays that we want to learn from...
    ...and those 'special attackers', who are gonna get a friendly visit in return...
    ...when their base is finally available...!! =)

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    Yes , deleting unwanted replays is must add feature for next release .