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Commandos are way too powerful for being such an inexpensive innocuous looking unit.

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  • Commandos are way too powerful for being such an inexpensive innocuous looking unit.

    I have a 246 level base with all my defensive building maxed out. Players leveled 270 find it difficult to completely destroy my base. In a recent world war, I was attacked by 216 and he completely destroyed my base by deploying 14 commandos, decoy everywhere to spawn troops and draw troops to the end of the map.

    No amount of defensive upgrades can tackle this, commandos should be vulnerable to spikes, traps, etc.

    Please change spikes and traps to hurt commandos.

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    So beastslayer got slayed and demanding change in game . Learn to properly arrange base against commandos and have proper museum artifacts.for defense.
    Game is on balance now , don't ask developers to make defense any more powerful .
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      draw troops to the end of the map.
      you didnt think this is the actual problem, rather than the commandos themselves? you really thought the only solution is to nerf commandos to uselessness?

      once defenders lock on a target, they never look back until that target is destroyed. this can be exploited not just for commando strategies but also for tc sniping and oil sniping in regular mp. defenders shouldnt keep changing their target constantly, but if only they reevaluated their target once in a while that would solve everything
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        This is the IN meta, let people enjoy while it lasts. I'm personally not into commandos no matter how powerful they are.
        I'm just concerned, if commando rpgs are their mp combo as well, how many battles are they able to do every day? That combo consumes troops and tactics.
        In war people won't mind losing all units. But in mp, dynasty league? Oh well...
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          i almost never use TT, mercenaries, generals, tactics or alliance gate. Only normal army and planes. This is very economiy oriented build. And it is way faster than all HTs
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            Commandos are vulnerable in a sense to spike traps (You should have landmines at that level btw). They have around 16k health at max level and landmines at atomic age and higher can 1 shot them. Especially if you're CWA. Last time I saw a commando used against me they didn't make it far.


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              Sorry but are commandos vulnerable to landmines at all? I didn't think they set off traps except the decoy trap?