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2020 and polishing of the game

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  • 2020 and polishing of the game

    2020 and polishing of the game

    1-Update the boot screen (I would like to update each update with the theme of the update )

    2-Adding to the game information and statistics on the player (the number of fighters in the world war and ordinary , the time spent in the game and when the account was created)

    3-Changing the style of the year modes-summer(01.06-01.09), autumn(01.09-01.11), winter(01.11-01.03), spring(01.03-01.06)

    4-Global chat

    5-Collect resources with one button

    6-the Exchange of resources among the Alliance( as request troops , the amount requested depends on the level of the gate of the Alliance and of the Alliance itself)

    7-the Union Wharf and pier treasures (increase yard and add shade of purple)

    8-New blessings and their levels (splitting them in the temple according to the classes of protection, attack, resources. The improvement level increases the bonus percentage and cost )

    9-Schedule of events for the month (names and release date)

    10-Additional weekly quests timed to events ( quests with different types of troops and tactics)

    11-a Separate building or button with a full list of tactics of troops in the game and their prices

    12-Introduction to game 2 of the map(sea battle) this is a new field of battle with quick combat . Card with a small beach and the sea. To introduce oil as the main resource. Protective, resource buildings . Centuries as well as on the main base. Small, medium and aircraft carriers. This news about the creation of the second map and the sea battle will help to attract new players and bring back the old ones to make the game more global and interesting .

    After the digital age, I want to see that the development team will run through the forum and see what the players want , and will not a new century and polishing and improving the existing system.
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    Large traditional navys became obsolete during WW1. Currently being in the spaceage, i think its save to say that that will never happening


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      Too much to translate from Russian. I'll pass.

      Lord Stark leader of Dragonstone 1.0


      • Fyrmar
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        All translated into English

      • LordStark263AC
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        #1 - #7 good ideas.

        #8 I suspect people gonna start asking for Factory blessings, not sure if that's gonna happen.

        #9 lately Events are bases on what people vote for on Facebook, Twitter etc. So that's outta window.

        #10 & #11 all good.

        #12 That's asking a lot. As much as I'd like to see a bigger map with more stuff to do. Not gonna happen. People been asking for "Sea Battles" for about a year now and I'm not holding my breath.

        Overall I agree with everything you said.

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      4 - I once supported the idea, but after seeing global chat in other games, this is probably the worst thing you can ask for. Spam, spam and more spam. Have you ever tried to read chat where thousands of people are talking? Most active players are using 3rd party apps already, Discord, Line, Slack, etc.

      6 - Again bad idea. Some will get too lazy and just start relying on others to get resources. You need oil, raid bases in pvp. Same with food and gold.

      8 - New blessing are great, but levels I don't like. We don't need yet another thing to keep upgrading, University, generals and walls drain plenty of time already. Unless you talk about temple upgrades, that I'm ok with.

      12 - Maybe, but it would be such a huge change, it would introduce bugs, more bugs and even more bugs. That feature alone could be a whole new game. Too much complexity and too much investment imo to ever happen.

      Other ideas are all good.


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        4 - Global chat created for advertising and finding new allies, you can also take time to think about adding friends on Facebook netok as well as in the inside of the system ID of the player (to have friends many of the leaders of the other alliances well)

        6 - exchange is not permanent as a request for troops weekly . And the amount requested depends on the player's level and level the gate Alliance ( help smaller levels and not beggars bylob really great)

        8 - New levels of powerful blessings to help the older ages since the century of the cold war ( blessing of the armor 33%-45% -57%, blessing weapons 33%-45% -57% , the duration of the blessings of training with 1 hour - 2hours - 3hours all zavisemosti from the level of the temple, sootvestvenno and the price for them will also increase)

        12 - Yes this is a huge change but it would pay off with full of new players and not leaving old players. You can spend a year or even more on this project. Yes it is like a new game but current inside the game . While waiting for improvement for 12-14 days fast battles at sea could brighten up expectations . No one asks you to pay from 10 centuries , at first I said 3 . Start small - a small map half of ours with a small shore and open sea. resource buildings such as oil drilling and gold mining. defensive buildings cannons, polimanti , towers. attack small ships , medium , and heavy and aviation. About errors - without them in any way, any update in the game comes out with errors. But would you prefer new age where improvements in 20 days, or to catch up with everyone and wait for the sea battle. It's not this year, and it may not be next year, but it's definitely worth thinking about.))))


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          Chat created for advertising, that’s the very definition of spam, like I said before, good luck sifting through thousands of spam posts bragging about greatest alliances out there. And keep the Facebook out, lots of us value our privacy.


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            Global chat is ok as long as we have Mark as Spam and Mute function.
            More benefit than disadvantage actually.
            However it will weigh the game more, size and server wise; that's my only concern, not the spam.
            Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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              I agree no global chat but a fixed vocabulary chat between alliances at war would be nice.


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                Chatting between 2 alliances at war is worse, people can curse in their native language or using words we can only find in Urbandictionary 😆

                Diplomacy board, perhaps. Only leaders could talk there.

                In-game chat is always ok, as long as it has a filter, then we're also concerned about traffic overload.
                Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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                  This would be my list for "polishing" the game.

                  1. Dramatically reduce cheating via automatic detection.
                  2. Continue to refine matchmaking system.
                  3. Remove the annoying yellow arrow by the dock (or at least make it disappear without having to click on offers).
                  4. Pick up all and rotate/move in base editor.
                  5. Reduce/eliminate lag during battles.
                  6. Ability to buy map, building and troop skins to customise your base/army (Nexon should like this one).
                  7. New features can only be added when the bug list is empty.

                  They'd make a lot more money with the above implemented but history suggests senior management have no long term vision.
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                    Hello support,

                    I play this game regularly since 2016, a suggestion for Nexon, Big Huge Games, Dominations, INCREASE SLOTS in Armory (at least to 4, or add a slot for Generals). For University, you need to seriously redesign the hole concept. Years of research can give you LESS, than just a few hours attention at the museum. Moreover time and citizens needed for University R, are not realistic.

                    Suggestion, allow multiple research to be done simultaneously for the same Leader, that will solve the problem of time. About citizens requirement, I have no clue. You deal with it, but please come up with something smart. You can do it! 👌


                    • bapia
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                      hey looks like , you worked very hard on university and someone with better museum artifacts is now better player in your alliance .

                      But saying that indeed , university research time and citizens needed are not realistic . Developers please reconsider to make them realistic .

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                    I like this game but i see a huge lack of development. They keep on adding new buildings for new ages, and new ages to be able to add new buildings, while they could add buildings, troops and so much more without having to add a new age.. Cuz for the players who would like to stay in the same age they will be forst to upgrade to next age anyway cuz their opponents will be stronger from ages above them, and once upgraded everything they must upgrade to next age, while if they added in this game: new building that u can building in every age (depending in which u are u need other or more rss, for example in enlightement u need a lot of gold but in atomic u need oil to upgrade that building (making it difficultier to upgrade, but the more advanced in ages the more research u can do to make ur buildings stronger). U can add a military research lab where u research specific weapons, missiles, bombs.. And other lab where u can tune your troops and an other building where u can tune your defense buildings: changing their colors, cloths...maybe even choose the way your troops look like (choose betwoon 3 types of people..)
                    i would suggest to personilize the game, add a lot of more buildings for each age, adding more space
                    There are so many things they could add: on water, under water, under the ground, coastal bunkers/missiles, add a building to upgrade troops for example aircraft research lab: u research and upgrade to upgrade the kind of weapon your fighters have: missiles, bullets... Drones..
                    U could add a hospital, a general that heals, buildings that run on electricity (using oil, need to re arm.., they stay active during a period and then got to re arm them).
                    Itroops that release gas, poison..
                    I got a lot of other ideas but ive never had the feeling that by sharing ideas they would use some of these..
                    Cuz u can play games such as this one on 2 different ways: reaching as fast as possible last age to be powerful or upgrade as much as possible in the age u choose and become king of your age. In this game they focus on releasing as much as possible different ages, but they could focus on releasing as much as possible upgradable stuff per age, after, add tournements per age..
                    I love this game but i see much more potential then they show the get..
                    they stress to bring out as fast as possible new ages to keep their players play this game. While they could add so many things to the ages that already exist. Making each age a great age, not being forsed to upgrade to next age but only do that when uve see enough of that age and u need something new then upgrade to next age
                    I hope they read this message, cuz i dont want this game to end but the way they are progressing isnt in the right way i think. Ive seen a lot of players complaining ans leaving while they where true players


                    • EnessD7
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                      U could also add a mutual build quest, all members of an alliance has to contribute to a castle, at the end (for example each month of 2weeks) that castle get attacked by an army that has been trained by all members of an other alliance. For example: 2 players are responable fo the traps around the castle, 5 for the walls...
                      The attacking alliance help each other to build up an army together
                      Im trying to find a way to play as whole team together, that way u like more ur team and u work more together.. More interaction makes us love more the game.
                      U could add a new game play modus: 10 alliances in 1 country, each alliance represend a city, u build up your city and attack other alliance cities together. Every 3weeks u change randomly to an other country with ur alliance...

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                    Great ideas and wishes . I personally think that the developers in this section of the forum do not come and do not read.