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Easy Reporting of Cheaters on Battle Results page.

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  • Easy Reporting of Cheaters on Battle Results page.

    So I've been thinking about the issue of cheaters, the obvious ones with 10-20 buildings all upgrading at the same time when you stumble over them in a multiplayer battle, or in war's when someone wipes a space age base with an Iron age army etc...

    Right now we have a button to share things on social media etc.

    Why doesn't Nexon add a button, RIGHT THERE, to share the battle results to Nexon?

    It could be entered in automatically as reporting a cheater, and to prevent accidental reporting have a single sub-screen that includes a text area for the reporter to enter why they are submitting the battle report.

    This would be a 100% in game way to report cheating. It would be quick, convenient, easy, and not require users to screenshot, save, search Nexon to find where to send it, etc.

    Making it easy to report cheaters would mean they get reported much more often. And if it was within Nexon's own system then they could see the proof very easily and know it wasn't being fabricated or photoshopped and allow them to build an internal system to handle it that would be efficient as well.

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    Because the system knows which players suddenly have a zillion upgrades, or could know, as it could ping every base every n hours and see the anomaly. There should be no need for humans (players like us) to manually report this sort of bug.

    I'm not suggesting it's a bad idea; and it might make us feel better (e.g., I reported a cheater!) but it shouldn't be necessary.