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Idea for new feature! Honor the completed offers.

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  • Idea for new feature! Honor the completed offers.

    This idea is way out there. Completely out of the box thinking. But maybe Nexon/ironsource could try honoring the offers after a player has completed them.

    I know it sounds ridiculous and far fetched. Haters will say it's completely unworkable and impossible to implement. But hear me out, if Nexon follows thru on its agreement with a player then the player will not feel hated by the company. The player might actually have good feelings about Nexon.
    Also, after the offer completion and reward is given, the player will most likely trust Nexon enough to complete more offers !

    I know, I know, this is a crazy idea. And I know the will never implement it. But I can hope maybe someday Nexon will honor it's commitments.