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    Taking account that:

    1. Every player would like to play their own Nation
    2. Many players complain about Nations lack of balance powers
    3. NEXON has already informed us (if I'm not mistaken) that no new Nations, nor any kind of rebalance among the existing ones shall occur

    I have this proposal:

    Let us edit our own Nation!

    How should it work?

    Each player will get to choose from each of the existing 8 powers, unique units and assigned NTG


    will have the freedom to customize the following features:

    1. Nation name
    2. Unique unit name
    3. Village theme (European, Mediterranean, Far-East)


    I choose the French powers, unique units and NTG
    I set my Nation name as "Egypt"
    I set my unique unit name as "M1 Abrams Tank"
    I set my Village theme as "Mediterranean"


    I choose the Japanese powers, unique units and NTG
    I set my Nation name as "Persia"
    I set my unique unit name as "Immortal"
    I set my Village theme as "European"

    Awaiting comments, ideas and feedback
    "A new power is rising! Its at hand!"

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    I can see the future of this idea : everyone choose German, with Mediterranean or Korean village 😍😆

    (I personally love those 2 themes)
    Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


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      Sounds interesting.

      Lord Stark leader of Dragonstone 1.0


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        This would be most of all a visual change, rather than a serious gameplay change. Gameplay-wise, the nation perks would pretty much stay as the player's nations are today (choosing any clan is mainly done for the clan benefits, not the unique unit or visuals), and the unique unit would probably end up being the french tank for 99% of players.

        Not saying it's a bad idea, certainly it would be fun to change themes (I do love the Japanese's style very much above my boring German), but just that it would probably take way more effort and the introduction of new bugs to implement than what it's worth.

        Plus, even the themes get more similar as you age up. For example, farms start looking the same after around industrial age... I think in highest ages only houses and town center have unique looks?


        • Saruman the White
          Saruman the White commented
          Editing a comment
          This was mainly meant to be a visual feature, but could ease the pain of those whose favorite nations are out of the game