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    every now and then there is an event which mainly discount the price of an upgrade of a bulding or build class. It is just about the price in terms of gold, food or oil, but what about a discount for n° of citizens to be used or time needed to complete the upgrade?

    The best thing would be to let the player decide:
    Event "Holy mother of Jesus"
    All towers are discounted of 50%
    price: 5mln gold --> 2.5mln gold
    time: 14days --> 7 days
    citizens 4-->2

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    People crowning the time it costs to upgrade buildings is the devs' main income in the game. They've been asked for years to make events of this kind (reduce citizen time) but they never do. It seems it just won't happen unfortunately.

    I assume they actually think that just because of these discounts, people are more likely to crown the upgrades so that they can use more than one discount. But in reality, personally I don't even bother trying to use/plan with these discounts anymore... those couple hundred K of food/gold or even oil are usually just not worth going out of our way.


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      Reduced workers would be a blessing!
      For another suggestion, if I'm already upgrading a building and that building comes up for a discount event, I would be happy if they gave me a refund of resources (already spent) equal to the discounted amount.


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        It's high time NEXON seriously paid attention to that "time-to-complete-anything-in-the-game" feature.
        "A new power is rising! Its at hand!"