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New World war theme.

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  • New World war theme.

    Current WW is a extended version of MP battles , just combination of certain number of battles, not much to plan except who attacks whom and the world map has no value . It will be nice if we can only attack our neighbors and neighbor of neighbor if neighbor is on same team or neighbor's land is already occupied .
    For example say Team A's number 1 is surrounded by team B's number 18, 15 and team A's 12 . Team B's number 1 (preferred target of team A's #1) is another neighbor of team B's #18
    In this case Team B's #1 can attack TeamA's #1 , as TeamB's #18 is friendly to him . But for TeamA's #1 to attack Team B's #1 , Team A's #12 need to attack teamB's 18 and occupy it , making it friendly territory of Team A so that TeamA's #1 army can go through it .
    This way lot more co-ordination will required between team members to win a war .
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    This is not a bad idea but too complicated to make it actually happen
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      Mr White , what I am proposing is not new in dominations . If you remember single player battles , those have some maps and you can only attack next city if you have won against previous one. I am proposing just a better version of that .

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    This is a great idea and would love to see it implemented similar to the game RISK! But I doubt BHG could find a mode that would make it simple and not spend extraordinary amount of hours for players to play.
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