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  • New defender idea

    I should like to see defendibg aircraft like fightersbattcking each other like ww1 dog fights
    you can keep it at stock with oil and the aircraft spawn from your airfield and towncentre and tye fighter is related from your fighter that is used for attacks please add this

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    Very interesting thought like a plane or two that circle around protecting. Not too many it might get over powered. When I see a video with someone with 8 planes and defense has none it would make sense at Cold war age or higher to have something like that.


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      Not a bad idea but defense is way much overpowered already. We wouldn't like each and every attack to be doomed to failure
      "A new power is rising! Its at hand!"


      • King Crimson
        King Crimson commented
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        Does that mean Nexon will adopt this idea in the near future? After the ar nerf and bastions addition how many other defensive based ideas can they add?

      • Saruman the White
        Saruman the White commented
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        That's exactly what I'm saying. They need to generously boost attack before applying anything defensive stuff

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      put heli in the town center....they will spread over defence and it is hard to take them down....just with planes


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        Why you need new defenders??? Work on your base layout , with current defenders you should able to defend properly.