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Friendly Challenges: Let all players watch attacks

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  • Friendly Challenges: Let all players watch attacks

    As per title. It is silly to only allow players who have already attacked to watch other player attacks. Our alliance would learn faster if any player can watch friendly challenge replays without having to attack. All it needs is for the results button to be visible regardless of whether you have attacked or not. Please consider, thank you.
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    I agree. We have lower level players in the alliance that toss out challenges but all I see is the attack button. I mean, I don’t want to be rude and attack them, but how else can we see what’s going on in there and offer constructive criticism?
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      Exactly Grits. It’s annoying to have to drop one troop and quit. Even then, it sometimes doesn’t update or wipes other attacks. A simple view button would help experienced players easily see how low ranks are doing and help them. It would also help the top players learn from each other. Everyone would benefit more.

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    Agree. If i drop 1 troop sometime it show attack button not the result button