Disallow ages below Industrial (Iron to Enlightenment) to ever 5 star CW+ bases. Record 0 or 1 star no matter what happens. This would require a bit more effort to create throwaway Industrial cheating war accounts than the Iron age accounts required today.

Similarly, never record an attack as one second. Or two seconds for that matter. Never. The system does this today despite replays showing a different story. Sure replays are generated (not actual replays) but still, in no world does it make sense that an attack is logged as one second yet it happens today.

Inspiration: Iron Age bases have been (and are still) taking down CW/SA bases, and sometimes they (or anyone) log five star attacks in 1 total second or so. The latter may or may not be intentional by the user but regardless it should never happen.

Disclaimer: Yes, "fix the code" or "stop all cheating" are understandable optimal desires but let's be realistic and implement logical band-aid measures in the meantime.