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Remove the trash from the chests!

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  • Remove the trash from the chests!

    I don't take chests anymore. Chests are one of the most annoying things in the game. If you want to make the game fun put in chests of equivalent things and make equal probability of their occurrence. While the chests give trash and with a negligible probability of useful things it looks like a hoax and extortion.

    ...Or reduce the price of chests to the level of the value of the garbage in them, that is, 10 times.
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    5 minute Speed Ups (unless you make them 10 units per package) and Food/Gold shipment must be removed from any kind chests and rewards. Trade goods and National Trade Goods worth more than shipments, use them to replace the shipments.



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      I hope you're aware that you can't always win the best prize of each crest
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