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  • Base building assist

    I will like to see a screen grab feature when building a base to be able to move around all buildings and wall that have already been placed to make adjustments easier .or even move a whole base to a new corner .

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    I agree. I would like to move my entire base over two spaces. I haven't because I would have to rebuild the whole thing.


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      Yep, I can get behind this request. I'm currently clearing a line of forests so I can shift my whole base over to the left. But I'm not looking forward to having to pick up each building individually to drag it over - it will take forever. An ability to drag and drop a large section, or even the whole base, would be extremely helpful.


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        Please, please make this happen! Other games of this genre such as CoC have had this for a long time, it's a very basic layout editing feature. Clearing new forests, you will quite often want to move your entire base to give enough space in the newly cleared part. Takes decades to move every wall.. and road.. and building.. one by one. Implement a -move all- feature.


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          TinSoldier can you please please get the developers to get behind this? Clearing a forest stretch to painstakingly move buildings one by one. It’s archaic.