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  • Extend nations Powers

    Hi again,
    Want to share view ideas on nation Powers, NEXON could add additional powers to nations which opens with later ages, therefore for earlier ages balance of nations will be kept as it is, and in future ages additional Powers will be added.

    As all Nations keep their current powers additionally they could get:

    Few examples:

    1) In later ages additional + range and damage boost also gets range siege unit (so the British will have rifleman and howitzer with bonuses)
    2) from command post will come out howitzers

    1) In later ages also Heavy tanks gets the same bonus as the normal tanks
    2) from command post will come out heavy tanks

    is famous for its kamikaze so:
    1) wall breacher and commandos could get some bonuses
    2) planes could also have bonuses like huge damage boost, reduced hp and airstrip +2 space

    1) bonus to bazooka and machine gun units as for infantry
    2) from command post will come out bazooka

    could have defensive bonuses and picked as defensive nation
    1) wall and gates get +20% hp (hence for Japanese wall breacher it would be counter nation)
    2) defensive buildings also have hp bonus
    3) Generals also hp bonus (or same as special unit)

    also defensive bonuses
    1) defensive building damage +20%
    2) Generals gets damage bonus (or same as special unit)
    3) get bonus for APC and Tactical helicopter (more people inside) and bonus APC, helicopter hp

    1) MRL units have boost in move speed, attack speed, damage (same as ranged infantry)
    2) from command post will come out MRL

    1) additional +2 people (total +3)
    2) Mortar unit boost in move, attack speed, damage bonus (same as ranged infantry)
    3) Attack helicopters move, attack speed, damage bonus (same as ranged infantry)
    4) Town, Wonders and walls gets bonus hp

    these are ideas that came in 5 minutes.... and can be swapped and changed between nations... )

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    Hello irob4ik i made an extended post on nations and wonders. -- nations -- wonders


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      I think nation and wonder powers need to be designed again from scratch
      "A new power is rising! Its at hand!"