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  • Generals

    The generals need something to make them stand out more. Hannibal spawns elephants and it could be better ( should be APC style) but the other generals need an edge to them. Look at the pay to win generals

    10% damage increase aura
    deploy 5 riflemen every 15 attacks
    The new one that does splash damage and able to fight "unmounted" from her horse and probably still do splash damage when destroyed.
    Yi has his turtle ship (want to see stats for it though)

    The other generals need something for them like this

    Alexander: Spawns companion cavalry like an APC or Hannibal ( Upgrade to tank of respective age every 10 levels) ie: 20 to 30 he spawns companion tanks
    Joan of arc: has a protect aura reducing damage by 10% and goes up by 5% every 10 levels
    Nobunaga: aura increasing attack by 10% and goes up to 5% every 10 levels
    Cleopatra: has plague aura damaging defenders. Goes up every 10 levels
    Napoleon: Summons a number of Voltigeur (or chevalier) every few attacks and number spawned goes up every 10 levels

    Churchill: Spawns British riflemen every few attacks
    MacArthur: When tank is destroyed can fight "unmounted as a high damage machine gun
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    i suggested something like this before. having extra benefits like aura and spawning troops for generals is very good. at present generals are treated as decoys. there is no real benefit except at level 60. nexon please do some analysis and add some benefits for generals so people will make generals their priority.


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      here was my suggestion.


      • Dhruv patel
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        I was hoping Hannibal would spawn elephants APC style not summon 2 with him and when fully charged and 1 of them dies another follows its' place. It could be 2 on first deployment and 1 every few seconds and every 10 levels it would go up +1 and elephants would be stronger( a bit) . so at lvl 60 he would spawn 6 elephants and 5 every few seconds

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      There's a cool Lady General offered lately, Tomoe Gozen. Have you guys tried that chick?
      Actually, your ideas have been accommodated in several Generals build, BUT they're General Cards 😉
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      • Dhruv patel
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        But the OG generals have nothing like that going on for them (except Hannibal) they need equal standing ground against these general cards and make them relevant and fun to use.

        If the game put some of the effort they put into making paying troop cards and speed ups into the actual game it would be drastically better (I still think the separate speed ups are a bad idea)

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      The General Troop Tactics are a place where we can try out new things to make them feel special/different as No Angel points out. The team likes the idea of General abilities, but don't have anything to announce for our mainline (Fort) units at the moment.
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        May I just ask why we only have limited Generals to choose from? Can we not add more Generals in history that are very famous?


        • Dhruv patel
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          there are SO many historic generals (probably ones no one even heard off, I just learned about Miyamoto Musashi). That means leveling them up waiting to get strong and decide whether they have high HP, high damage or a bit of both. My guess is that they're going with generals people study in school history classes, a majority are familiar with.

          The others are troop tactics

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        If the generals they allow us to choose are coming from history classes then they missed a lot of great and famous generals in history. I can name 5 but we already know they are.

        I hope we at least have 10 Generals to choose from that are really military commanders and not politicians like Cleopatra and Churchill.


        • jagadeeshgarapati
          jagadeeshgarapati commented
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          they are adding them to troop cards instead.