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  • Better MM for world war

    The last few months having been brutal for my alliance. While we have a few players in the cold war age none are anywhere close to being maxed out. The 4-5 of us are around 225-240, and the rest of our war group are atomic age and below. We are constantly matched against a full 10 man cold war age who's players are level 250 plus, with most at 275 plus, making it very hard for us to even compete..

    Are there changes coming to improve the world war match making or is this something we just have to deal with?

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    Either there is a massive flaw in the matchmaking algorithm, or there are no people playing the game. My alliance has been paired against others that are vastly more powerful (Bases with 3 or 4 level-60 generals!) for weeks and weeks. Most of our group is Global or lower. Sometimes we can't even 1 star a base.... The only way something will be done is if Nexon hears the complains here on the forum. But I have to say, after months' of this, people are leaving ----not the alliance - THE GAME. Please help.


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      After 15 consecutive WW wins, finally we got the worst matchup we could get.
      1 CWA vs 7 CWA!!! hahaha it is hilarious
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