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  • cheaters

    I'm fed up with sending messages to customer support about a player called 56789 he is in the pottsylvania alliance he has been constantly upgrading everything on his base and has move from level 160 to 251 in 2 months I've reported him so many times and I get the same reply they are looking into it but nothing is done I'm level 215 and hoping to move to CWA I want this sorted I want people to put as many complaints in about people like this thank I've paid quite a bit of money into the game and this person gets away with it thanks.

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    Maybe he is a whale buying the upgrades with cash/crowns. This is what Nexon wants.


    • pckrn
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      i looked up pottsylvania and 56789, and it looked like he had 100 workers upgrading stuff. and he is online now, so he isnt banned