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interesting leaderboard metrics; top food/goild/oil raider?

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  • interesting leaderboard metrics; top food/goild/oil raider?

    imo just having a lot of medals isn't super interesting ...

    however, there are statistics i think are interesting ... who looted the most food/gold/oil this cycle and how much?
    nexxon must already keep these statistics. i wonder if i'm the top oil looter.
    of course this person would not be hanging out at high medals.

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    Ah, this one is a really interesting idea! Second it 😃
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      Excellent idea and I will take it one step further. I would like to see implemented:

      1. WW
      Among all wars, how many stars earned per player
      Among all wars, who 5 starred bases above his level at that time
      Among all wars, who had the most kills
      Among all wars, whose base gave the least stars to the opponents
      In the current war, who is MVP? (create an algorithm based on attacker/defender level, number of stars, time taken to earn victory, value of troops lost etc) --> Award that MVP with double war loot automatically! (you want player engagement? DO THIS and you will see....)

      2. MP
      Stats, stats, more stats
      what shukra said above
      total number of stars per year, loot earned, battles won/lost, favorite troops, kills maybe, current base wins/loses
      Create something like a player ID that the most crucial info will be shown. We can even share that between us or when we want to join a new alliance.

      The possibilities are limitless.

      3. Leaderboard (alliance and player)
      Give incentive for people to compete.

      For top ranked alliances:all members could train troops with 20% less resources, or give daily chests, or more loot maybe. Something that will benefit all players in that alliance.
      Same for top ranked players.

      Erase leaderboard on a 3-month period. Give others the chance to start fresh. Crucial fact: Leaderboard should be categorized per player age.

      4. Make community wide events with progress shown globally per age
      We start an event, could be a really hard base. Winner is the one that takes the 100% in the shortest time.
      Create the same base with different buildings to match each players age. Let all attack the base correspondent to their level.
      The top 10 are the best dominators for their age. Give them nice artifacts or troop cards and write their name in the Hall of Fame!!!

      Create a unity among players with all those events. As it is now, we all compete against the clock to earn 2M resources which is an insult.

      These things are already implemented in so many other games. This is not new stuff...
      I just hope I am not spending my time for nothing writing this. I hope that someone from BHG/Nexon will notice this...
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      • LordStark263AC
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        Editing a comment
        Agreed. We need more in-game stats.