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NEXON, do you really want to earn more $$$ ? “Rewards” is the solution!

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  • NEXON, do you really want to earn more $$$ ? “Rewards” is the solution!

    As a leader of my alliance I want to have a way to motivate my allies: Recognize their effort with rewards. Which can be the most appreciated reward??? Of course: CROWNS. My proposal to Nexon is that “we” do an effort together so we leaders and maybe co-leaders too, can buy crowns to give as reward to allies . The effort of Nexon is that this reward crowns would be doubled by Nexon. If I buy 100 crowns, Nexon puts another 100. The thing is that this crowns wouldn’t be able to be used by me, the buyer. Only to be given as reward to anyone in the alliance. Believe me you will sell lots more! I personally don’t mind to spend $10.99 and offer those crowns to allies who get 5 stars against enemies with a higher level than them, for example.

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    This is a great idea. I would spend the money to give my allies crowns. More crowns for players and more money for Nexon. Its a win win!


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      ''Recognise their effort with rewards''
      The rewards for members playing the game should be gold, food, oil ie: the things they need for upgrades. Progressing is the ultimate reward, isn't it?
      l play the game to get ahead, not get crowns.
      But if your members need bribes with little electronic, shiny, candy shaped rewards, so be it.
      Sour grapes make whine.