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    Hi everyone,

    As it is a thing for everyone that if you want to farm loot you always drop in medals to actually be able to find some easier base to destroy.

    I would propose to create additional battle mode, as at the moment we have only multiplayer.
    I suggest to have two modes: one mode is same multiplayer (which could be called League battle or etc.) where you fight when you want to climb in league by earning medals.

    And second battle mode is loot raid where you make attacks but its not affecting your medals at all.

    There is even enough space to create extra button for this mode which doesn't require any hard programming to create, its just add 1 button and exclude medal change in battle and everyone will be happy
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    I'm happy with the existing medal system and I'd not be in favor of any changes. In fact I wish they implemented that system in World War, too.
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      Not seeing how this would improve the game play. This will give the higher player every opening to raid destroy lower lever bases without losing medals. I agree with Saruman, think the medal system is fine like it is.
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        the problem is not to drop or raise your medals but to make people WANT TO CLIMB the leagues. As it is now, there is no incentive apart from the very rare VC giving oil.
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