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Museum counters the logic of progress-built game and there is an easy fix!

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  • Museum counters the logic of progress-built game and there is an easy fix!

    Here is an idea how the museum could be a lot better. It's not one of the crazy ones that says give me 100% bonus on everything. I think this idea would incentivise players to invest real money into the museum and enjoy using it.

    Just like everyone playing this game, I continuously craft artifacts and break the ones I don't like. When I find a really nice one I keep it. Here is why I haven't spent a single cent on the museum yet (desping literally crowing Saladin all the way to get the hold the gates benefit). There is no continuing progress with respect to the museum as for example in the library, armory, university or generally when upgrading my buildings (literally everywhere else in the game there is a continuing progress, that is the whole idea of the game after all). Why there is no continuing progress needs a bit of explanation.

    When I sell an artifact I receive blueprints and new fragments (I'll ignore the getting more fragments part because it's silly, I don't really need it as I make enough otherwise, or the base level you get at the uni could just be increased, it doesn't matter). Breaking artifacts is currently my only source of blue prints. When I upgrade an artifact and later break it I also get blueprints... even more than for a basic/not upgraded artifact. However, I don't get as many blueprints, researchers and benefactors as I put into the upgraded artifact.

    Now here comes the trouble. I have so far refrained from updating any artifact (and spending money on doing so) because I am always afraid that the next artifact will be even better. Logically, the more artifacts I create, the higher my chances of getting an even better one. Thus, I am bound to eventually get an artifact that is better than the ones I already have. Since I am continously getting fragments, I continue to craft artifacts. I can only display two weapon artifacts. Now imagine this, I spent money on upgrading my two best weapon artifacts. But then the better one comes along (and logic dictates if I continue to play dominations there will eventually be a better one). Now I am torn between keeping the old ones or abandoning one of them and upgrading the new one. When I abandon it, I literally wasted a lot of money as I don't get back what I spent on it when I break it (blueprints, benefactors, researchers and resources). When I don't go for the new one I will feel stupid for continuing to upgrade an inferior artifact. When I abandon my old one I feel stupid for quite literally deleting a lot of progress from my account. All that would need to be done is that you get the same number of blueprints, benefactors, researchers and resources you spent on updating the artifact when you sell it (that time is also lost I guess is a price I am willing to pay). If I would get this same number, I'd happily upgrade the artifacts I have, even investing real money to buy blueprints. I no longer have to be afraid of the new and better artifact I will eventually get. As long as I don't get back what I put in, I will not invest anything in the museum because (as logic dictates) a better artifact will eventually come along and then I'd rather update that one.

    Why wasn't this an issue in the past? Well, the only thing people really did with their artifacts was upgrading their oil loot bonus. We didn't care that there were 4 other benefits flowing from an artifact that were kind of useless to us. No-one needs to lower the defender spawn time in MP to go farming, we can just drop medals. In war this is very different. Now suddenly all five bonuses matter a lot because using an artifact that has 3 useless bonuses is a great way of losing your war battles. I think rerolling one line of benefits is adressing this exact concern.

    So here I am, wanting to play the game and upgrading my things but not wanting to do so because the better artifact will come and I have to delete all my progress :-(

    As I said, easy fix. All you need to do is give the exact same number of blueprints, researchers, benefactors and resources that were used to upgrade an artifact when destroying it.

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    and supplies mate. Do not forget the most important...

    great and fair idea


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      Getting the same number back from selling would be nice but it's not uncommon to only get back a percentage of what you spent in these type of games.
      Nexon's policy isn't new in that respect.
      Sour grapes make whine.


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        that doesn't mean that someone can't be better from others....right?


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          they can make it so we only get back a certain percentage back. right now we get 0 percent of supplies back so any percentage would be better than how it is now


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            I guess getting something back is better than nothing. It's just that you never lose any progress you accumulate in the university or library. Okay, perhaps you end up not using your Leo HT research but that is different as you can only research it once. There is an unlimited number of artifacts that can improve HT damage in your museum but you can only use a limited number of them.


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              When you buy a new car do you demand exactly what you spent on your old car, including modifications, when trading it in?
              I can understand the desire to get back all you'e spent but it's YOUR choice to sell the existing artifact and use a new one.
              Yes the decision is hard, yes you've spent time to upgrade the artifact, yes you may even have spent money, but all those 'spends' is also YOUR choice.
              Sometimes the grass isn't always greener and you have to weigh up the options. Sometimes you just have to let the new one go and make do but ultimately it's YOUR choice.

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            I have encountered this very same conundrum. To upgrade or to not upgrade, that is the great museum gamble. Agree we should get some % back of the researchers, supplies, benefactors. Something reasonable like 70%? Maybe you could research in the library to get the higher percentage back.

            Also, I would like to be able to have better control over re-rolling artifacts. We should be able to select re-roll stat type OR stat bonus %.
            And the option to spend food+gold + combination of supplies/researchers/benefactors
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              was browsing the museum and suddenly I saw that my only legendary artifact (Admiral Yi's Helmet) could be sold for 2058 SUPPLIES 123 researchers and 146 benefactors!!!!!

              They made such a change and didn't tell us!!!

              TinSoldier any comment? Will this apply to other artifacts too?


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                This is just the case for Legendary Artifacts with the 6.6 updates. I thought there was a line item about it in the patchnotes, but it looks like we edited that part before we released here. The idea is that you will get something more back from selling Legendaries, since you can't equip duplicate versions of the same item in both Legendary slots.
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                  thanks! that is at least a step forward. We would like to see more things like this

                • pckrn
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                  does this mean even though we cant equip, we can own duplicate legendary artifacts?

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                Originally posted by TinSoldier View Post
                The idea is that you will get something more back from selling Legendaries, since you can't equip duplicate versions of the same item in both Legendary slots.
                this implies we can own duplicate versions of the same item.
                if i keep buying the war hall chest from marco, is it possible for me to get a second demarcation stone to sell, while still holding onto my first one?
                please give a definitive answer so that someone doesnt end up wasting rubies like the forummer that wasted crowns trying to reroll for a third of the same option on a single artifact because no one told him it wasnt possible.

                im guessing though that its not possible because i asked this already and didnt receive an answer.. if it was possible, answering the question would promote people to gamble. if it wasnt possible, no answer would promote people to gamble.
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                  If you were lucky, then yes, you absolutely can receive multiple Legendary Items (like the Demarcation Stone) from the Mystery Chest found in Marco Polo.

                  It's worth keeping one since you can set it to be active in your World War Hall, but any additional copies of the same Artifact can benefit from the additional resources when being traded in, since addtional copies (beyond the first) can't benefit your base.
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