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Raiders are obsessed with houses!

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  • Raiders are obsessed with houses!

    Raiders should attack food or gold items first but still even if a gold pile is next to them but a house is near even behind a wall they go for the houses. Shouldnt they first target the gold pile?

    Same goes with attacking units when a raider is hit by a defender he stops attacking gold or food items but goes for that defender, should prbly. focus on the food and gold, what do you think?

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    If a raider targets a house behind a wall instead of a farm or pile of gold it's probably because some part of the house was closer when he was in target acquisition.
    I'm in two minds about the 2nd question. Yes a raider should go for the resource and get as much as possible before being killed, but if he can first kill the defender then he can go on stealing, albeit in a weakened state, it's a pickle!


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      In saying that,you have discovered a great way to protect your resources from raiders or at least slow them down 😀😀


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        Originally posted by Bedlam View Post
        In saying that,you have discovered a great way to protect your resources from raiders or at least slow them down 😀😀
        yes i know i just find it weird they attack houses at al (ok they give some miserable 100 gold or something ^^). So you mean nexon put that in purposly to have the defender let some tricks?


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          It's odd that raiders don't attack the town center, which has a ton more resources than houses.


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            Ya know it's odd come to think of it... Raiders WILL stop to defend themselves when attacked and they are a 'Purpose Built' unit much like the Saboteur who ignores anyone damaging them. Sometimes I do wish Raiders were more like Saboteurs. I would use Raiders more often if this was the case!
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            Raiders need distractors in the form of low-resource targets such as houses and enemy defenders, so that there is still some element of strategy in the form of rallying etc. There is no fun in deploying a bunch of raiders that go straight for the resources. Looting needs to be somewhat challenging.