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Game needs a infantry unit to that can disarm traps.

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  • Game needs a infantry unit to that can disarm traps.

    I have been playing this game a long time and it seems to me bases with obvious trap placements should be punished with a new unit that can disarm traps. I believe this will greatly increase the strategy of the game.
    I think the new unit should be 2 Troop Space about 1500 Hp disarm traps 1 every second,radius of 3.
    Hope the developers will consider something like this to add to the game. Thanks.

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    This unit already exists, I forgot the name but it's a special offer unit (so you have to pay ...)


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      Yep, they had this unit on sale. Was called a "Spy". Would be nice to see it as a regular troop.


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        There's already an infantry unit that exposes traps, it's called 'The Foot Soldier', and every nation has them!
        Have you heard the expression Cannon Fodder?
        Stop calling for the game to made so ridiculously easy. What's next, a unit that disables mortar towers? A unit that sabotages buildings? A unit that has 1 million dps?
        If the base has ''obvious'' traps then just go around them!
        Sour grapes make whine.