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  • 1 idea for University

    I have 1 idea for University ( great leades Cao Cao ):

    *Cao Cao was a Chinese warlord and one of the greatest Generals of the Eastern Han Dynasty during its final years.

    Military Leaders

    ALSO KNOWN AS: Emperor Wu of Wei, Mengde
    NATIONALITY: Chinese Famous Chinese Men
    BORN: 155 AD
    DIED AT AGE: 65
    BORN IN: Bozhou, Anhui, China
    DIED ON: 15 March 220 AD
    PLACE OF DEATH: Luoyang, Henan, China

    I found this on Wiki about great leaders. He was a military leader maybe he can be for some troops to give them bonus Hp attack. I don't have rrl idea for what kind of troops.

    *Cao Cao, also known by the name Mengde, was a Chinese warlord who became very strong during the final years of the Eastern Han Dynasty. He served as the penultimate Chancellor of the dynasty and was widely regarded as one of the greatest Generals of the Han dynasty towards its end. After the Han dynasty lost its powers, the Three Kingdoms period was ushered in by the formation of the state of Wei. Cao Cao was a very prominent figure of that period and played a key role in laying the foundations for the state of Cao Wei. He was the adopted grandson of the favourite eunuch of the Imperial court and showed signs of aggression and cunningness from an early age. Carer:
    • He became the district captain of Luoyang when he was 20 years old. The Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out in 184 and he was appointed the Captain of cavalry and sent to Yu Province. He successfully suppressed the rebels and went to Ji’nan to prevent the spread of the rebellion.
    • He adopted aggressive methods of controlling the rebels in Ji’nan. He banned unorthodox cults and supported Confucianism because of which local leading families were offended. He resigned in 187.

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    Not a bad choice.

    I would personaly perfer Archimedes
    Greek mathematician, engineer, physicist, inventor and astronomer

    Mathematician: He could help your vaults hold more and give more interest.
    Astronomer: increase the effectiveness of rally.
    His big skill would be called "π". On account of he supposedly wrote out the formula for devising it.
    I have not figured out what it would do yet. I know what π does, but i am having problems applying it too this game.