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mines and trees upgradeable

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  • mines and trees upgradeable

    would it be an idea to allow upgrading of trees and mines? one can imagine that through the ages different upgrades would become available that both increase the yield of gold and food, but perhaps also increase the yield of trade goods slightly with each upgrade.

    Mines would be through increased mining depth and more efficient tools and trees through for instance better fertilization and perhaps genetics and cross sampling?
    You could also decrease the time it needs before they can be harvested again. Would be a nice investment of food for instance.

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    I like the idea!! hope they see this post and apply it.


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      Good idea! Since these are technological advancements, these can probably be added as researches at the library (similar to Pottery chapters in Classical Age), maybe at another later age (to increase the yield and reduce regeneration time).
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        Good Idea. I like it.


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          Nice idea, also hunting should also be removed or upgraded into something relevant to higher age's needs.


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            Not a good idea , mills and markets are always full no need for tree or mines . Also workers are so busy in upgrading that they don't have time to collect from tree or mines for days .
            Overall not a good idea to be supported


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              Nice idea in theory, but as bapia said, I do not think it would make a huge practical impact at any ages above Medieval, with days and many days long upgrades. By the time you have citizens available after days of upgrading, trees and mines are already always usable again. Upgrading them by reducing the cooldown would just make you feel like it's sitting there being wasted, even longer. And gold/food is easy to raid anyway.

              Perhaps rather than upgrading them, they could be turned into something more useful in later ages (granting NTGs/Museum resources/Oil). But not sure what.