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What stats are we really looking at?

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  • What stats are we really looking at?

    BHG_Muet what are the base stats for stuff? The wiki tries but there are errors. I’ve asked and waited for months for this info. Why can’t we access this info ingame? Also what numbers are we actually seeing? Uni and lib only? mp museum? War museum? We don’t know cause it doesn’t say.

    Here’s what I suggest. Four columns of info. Base, uni & lib, mp museum, war museum.

    That way we’ll actually know what the buildings and units stats are going into war. I get the fog of war for our opponents but we should be able to know our own without needing a spreadsheet and playing detective.

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    Agreed. They talked about something like this for about a year but still nothing.


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      stats. stats, stats!! Yes, in a game like dominations, we certainly need more of them (presented in a meaningful manner)!
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        Yes yes yes yes. Would be very useful. Maybe a button on the stats screen to show the breakdown suggested by Dracula.
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          I believe the answer is library + uni + MP museum, but I agree that transparency would be great.