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    I’m sure it is completely legit that the person at the top of the Tanksgiving Global Leader Board is a Classical age base...with over 1 million points.

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    I’m not seeing this at this point


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      Some of the extra points event tasks are more easily accomplished at lower ages. I might be tempted to grind out a win with one if only they had a museum :/


      • LordStark263AC
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        Easier tasks like training up Heavy Tanks as Medieval?

      • Cannibals
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        I was thinking more like flattening enemy bases.

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      Global leaderboard is full of cheaters. They all seemingly doubled their points in the last day.
      i purchased my first event pass. Played more than usual. And ended up with 30k points total.
      Let's look at the math to get better than 30k (with all xp from various events finished and used)
      5 points for heavy tank.
      5 points for quick victory

      At digital age/space age for the winners, let's take out quick victory because the time to do so and volume of bases to simply hit (let's do the math to show)

      148k points for winner = 118k more than my max
      118 /5 points = 23,600 (the number of heavy tanks trained and or quick victories)
      Also to note, #10 in the global leader board is the only Fresh nation. So #1-9 has the usual training time wait.

      With enough room to train 6 tanks at a time between two factories, 23,600 / 6 = 3933 times to retrain heavy tanks. Delete, retrain, repeat. However, it's not That easy, because now you have to raid somebody (or 2-3) to get your oil back to retrain 6 heavy tanks. Let's say 2 bases, that's 10 extra points if you get quick victory.
      So, train 6 tanks = 30 points + 10 points for two quick victory = 40 points.
      A battle might last 3 min, plus 2-3 to find somebody you can actually hit, so 5 min total x 2 battles = 10 min, plus retrain times 5 minn between the two battles, for 15 min total for battle and retrain.
      118k points (the extra xp over and above) / 40 points from example above = 2950 times they'd have to repeat the above example, taking 44,250 minutes, 737 hours, or 30 days.
      so yeah, we can safely full out doing any battles to achieve any xp
      This leaves retaining, delete, repeat with purchasing oil to train the tanks.
      1 mk9 tank costs 1400 oil, x 6 tanks = 8400 oil.
      If i was to fill my current oil levels using crowns, i would get 189k oil for 4288 crowns.

      ​​​​​I could train 6 heavy tanks at a time for 22.5 times non stop before i need another 189k oil, and spend another 4288 crowns (for oil)
      That now gives me 135 tanks x 5 points = 675 event points. Only 117, 325 points to go. Or repeat the above cycle 173 times. That's going to cost 741, 824 crowns, just in oil.
      This would cost in terms of oil, 173 x 189k = nearly 32mil in oil.
      Then there's the cost to speed up heavy tanks in terms of crowns. (For non French as most top 100 are not French)
      Whatever it costs to speed up 6 heavy tanks, times that by 3933 to get to the required 118k extra event points.
      At 50 crowns to speed 6 tanks, it's nearly 200k crowns, at 25 crowns, 100k crowns total.
      The only way to do it, is to crown (speed ups) because time available is limiting factor.

      900k crowns was needed to win.
      Even #100 global is 54k more event points. Which is still 400k worth of crowns to do better than what i did.

      BHG would of made 300k u.s. dollars from this event purely from crowns purely from the top 100.
      Pay risers for the guy who came up with this idea.
      If BHG didn't make that money from the top 100, it was full of cheaters, and i want a tank engine



      • JustAnotherPlayer
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        I think all the cheaters who were gleefully cheating throughout the 8 days got a big fat zero for their efforts. Look at the revamped leaderboard. Why so quiet in the forums? Lmfao.

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      A helluva dazed peeps got a big fat zero for 8 days of intense cheating.. Hope they lost some weight off their fat a$$es for being so hardworking for the last 8 days at cheating.
      Last edited by JustAnotherPlayer; 12-02-2019, 10:28 PM.


      • W1ll1am
        W1ll1am commented
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        Looks like it has reverted back, 1st place is back to 148k points

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      Well,if they had earned it,they deserve their bounty. I placed 2nd in my group and below 200 on global. I'm happy because that's from the effort I had put in. And the side benefits from participating in this event was I totally maxed my gates and walls and was compelled to crown my upgrades due to all the rss from my raids. I just hope peeps don't assume I'm a cheat because of this. I'm a person who can't stand things half done...


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        Our team had done some investigating on the leader boards for this past event. If you see suspicious activity, please be sure to let our CS team know so we can take action.
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