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Why do I ever bother with offers 🤮

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  • Why do I ever bother with offers 🤮

    I have learnt my lesson more than once. Cheated out of crowns from the offers page. I swear I will never even look at them. Six months pass and "DOUBLE REWARD!"
    I should have known better. I should have learnt my lesson. I should have know they would still be rejecting completed offers. Nexon can blame ironsource, who will blame the other company. Who will blame Nexon. And of course they don't care.
    How many hundred or thousands of players have they rejected?
    How much did Nexon get paid for the advertising from those rejected offers ?
    ​​​​​​No proof will suffice. No screenshot can change it.

    ​​​​​​Should we be worried about the security of our devices ?
    should we be concerned about the privacy of our information?

    With standards of ethics as low as yours, on matters as trivial as advertising revenue, how can we trust you with our devices and information?

    A company with low ethics cannot be trusted.

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    That's a good idea. I should just cheat. Isn't that right Nexon ? That's what you allow. And that's what you encourage.
    and it's what you do to players .


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      One survey leads to the next and there’s no way to tell if you are doing the right one or not. After half an hour of this you think you should be good but they won’t give it to you, worse they treat you like you are a thief. I did that twice. No more!