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VIP system is not legit in many countries

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  • VIP system is not legit in many countries

    Well. I bought the Black Friday crown offer today and did not received VIP points therefore. As such a bonus system is not legit where I live I will report this now immediately to the Apple store authorities. Let’s see what will happen. Pretty sure their response time is much faster as anybody from BHG reads this comment.

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    I think there are no vip points for sale items unless specified. I bought both 1st and 2nd tiers of the BF sales. No vip points for me too.


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      Same here, but this is not legit for bonus point systems where I live. I am pretty sure that Apple will accept my complaint.


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        This isn’t a country specific problem, but rather a lack of communication problem by BHG. There has not been an official statement regarding what does and does not count towards VIP points; nor how.

        But sales like discounted crowns do not add VIP points for anyone. I guess they feel VIPs don’t buy stuff on discount, or buy used clothing, but pay full price for everything at stores with paths paved of gold.

        Not sure why Apple would do anything here as nobody said it should count.
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        • King Crimson
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          So true about the lack of communication. There isn't even a notice yet about this weekend's discounts.

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        It is a non legit bonus point system, nobody is giving a hsit on what BHG is thinking about. The same regulations are in place for that company of ignorants as for all other professional working companies.


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          Well you're either getting a better deal than my end, or didn't read the black friday deal well?
          The deal that's always around, "especially for you" offers more crowns per dollar, than the Black Fri deal. Nobody in their right mind would be thinking the black Fri deal is worth buying.
          Be like buying wall manuals.....


          • domas
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            Only if you have such an special offer in parallel. And you have to spend more money in total, but I don’t care about this point.

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          The crown purchase page states that all crown purchases earn VIP points.

          that’s a problem if this crown purchase didn’t give those points.


          • SomeRandomPlayer
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            Technically true, but in reality this is referencing purchases from this crown page; OP did not purchase from this page. Yes the wording is bad, and the entire VIP system is poorly documented/communicated, but it's what happened.

            In a sane universe, BHG would give (discounted?) VIP points for sales like crown sales.

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          Technically true is the point here, of course. 😉

          All crown sales.


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            Originally posted by domas View Post
            Well. I bought the Black Friday crown offer today and .

            This is why nothing will ever be fixed.

            Put your resource buildings outside your walls and find happiness.


            • domas
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              You are on a mission - fine.

              You want to troll everybody not following your mission - bad.

              Try to win people for your way, now you have lost me.

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            items people want to buy have not VIP points.
            items people don't want to buy have VIP points.